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Calendars and Wall Planners

Printable Calendars come in an array of sizes and styles. From Wall Planners and Pocket-Sized Calendars, to Wiro Bound and Promotional Calendars we've got your messaging sorted for the rest of the year whether you're on a modest budget or looking to splash out!

Desk Calendars Looking for advertising opportunities? With 28 pages, our Wiro Bound personalised Desk Calendars make for a visual end of year gift for customers, while promoting the brand and messaging you want to get across. View Products
Folded Wall Planners Personalised wall planners, printed with your company name and contact details, are an ideal corporate gift. A permanent fixture in most offices, your customers will display your wall planner all year round, and have sight of your details at all times. View Products
Promotional Calendars Offer your clients a Promotional Calendar for every end of year promotional opportunity. Lightweight and useful, custom calendars are the perfect choice for giveaways when on the go or sending in the post. View Products